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Dominick A. Dasaro

Dominick has been the manager of Metropolitan Funeral Service since 1984. A licensed New York State funeral director since 1977, he is also a New Jersey State funeral director as well as a Notary Public for the State of New York.

An internationally known embalming and shipping expert, Dominick has been interviewed by the media regarding the preparation techniques available and those that were employed when Pope John XXIII died in 1963. When the body of the Pope was disinterred in 2001 to be entombed in another crypt in the Vatican, it was found that the remains were remarkably well preserved. Thirty eight years after his death, hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics once again filed past the Pontiff’s crystal and bronze casket paying homage to the humble and much-loved Church leader who is a candidate for Sainthood.

Our strong customer service skills, compassionate understanding and respect of the grieving process, and belief in offering a wide variety of fair and realistically priced funeral goods and services to New York families is directly responsible for Metropolitan’s consistent growth over the years.

Michael Cecere has been a licensed funeral director since 1985 and “grew up” caring for others in their time of need. His dad and mom operated their family funeral home for many years. A graduate of SUNY Farmingdale’s Motuary Science program, he has been the owner of Metropolitan Funeral Service since 2005.

Many funeral service practioners are trapped in the traditions of the 1960’s when the average funeral involved an open casket, lavish floral displays, two day visitation periods and between 100-250 people attended the services. Those type of funerals, for better or for worse, are the exception rather than the rule today. Today’s consumer is Internet savvy and they’ve researched their options long before they pick up the phone to call a funeral home, they have a budget in their mind and they stick to it, and more and more of their friends and relatives are being cremated. There’s been a cultural shift, traditions are evolving, and funeral service is gradually adapting to the needs of the new consumer.

At Metropolitan, we have not only listened to what families have said about cremation and memorialization, but we’ve taken bold and creative steps that allow people to create rituals that will satisfy their unique needs. Every day we watch as a new tradition is born. That’s rewarding and exciting.

Dominick and Michael and their team are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Email us at today!

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